What? Where? Why?

What? Where? Why?

What I try to do in this series of work is to create wearable art objects.

Fine dark-gray steel wires 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.7 mm are used just like how we use different numbers of graphite pencils to sketch on paper.  I sketched through knitting process-without planning. When I started knitting I did not have the pictures of the finished pieces in mind. The pieces slowly and freely took their shapes, forms and stories during the knitting process. They seem familiar though not any recognized thing. Audience is stimulated to use their imagination to create story of the pieces base on their personal experience. Only then did I figure out how to transform them into jewellery.

What is jewellery?

How stable and how long a piece has to stay on the body to be considered wearable?

What is the meaning of wearing a certain jewellery piece on that certain part of body?

Body, contour and context, is considered as an installation space by giving important to relation between the space and the piece.

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