The Beginning or The End

The Beginning or The End, 2012

Necklace, Silver 925, Niello

This piece was created to participate in a group exhibition titled, “The Beginning or The End”, in November 2012 when the end of the world were one of the world’s hottest topic.

Many people believed that there will be a big disaster.

Many people believed that the new great era is coming and etc.

People excited about the end or the beginning.

In this pendant there is a little part of a bright shinny object wraps in rough black space.

It could be seen as a shinny object is emerging from the darkness, or this object is sinking down.

For me at that time I thought anything as well as nothing could happen.

Not only for the end of 2012 but it is a fact of everyday.

We do not have expire date written anywhere on our body. No one knows if our next life would arrive before or after our next day.

Even without the end of the world event it could be our last day at any moment. It is a way of nature. Why does it matter?

The Beginning or The End
The Beginning or The End
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