TALALUMA: Way Back Home (Amis language), art installation

lulan twigs, 2017


Taitung International Exchange Program on Cultural and Crafts and Design 2017

Besides beautiful ocean and mountains, my impression of Taitung is the people. I am impressed by their enthusiasm to learn, to carry on, and to preserve precious crafts and culture of their ancestors, and their generosity to share their knowledge. During my exchange program I am so fortunate to have a chance to learn Tapa, Amis word for bark cloth making, from Alomei, a young talented Amis craftsman.

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Gradually transforms, the Lulan(Goshuo) rigid thick bark becomes crumpled thin cloth.

Perpetually evolution.

Reach for the future but do not forget the past.

Wander across the planet but do not forget the way back home.


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