Everything is Anything and Nothing

“We label things with titles and definitions.

Since then they are marked with different values.

Since then we struggle to pull certain things close and push certain things away.

Since then we fight, we protect, we sacrifice,

find excuses to hold and to hurt, to care and to kill.

You and I, what are we,

if not only lumps of dust,

compressed with selfness,

wait for the day to disintegrate into fine dust again.

Without labels,

Everything is Anything and Nothing.”

Rudee Tancharoen

June 20th, 2016


Temporary Linked, 2016

brooches: recycle paper dust, magnet, washer

necklaces: recycle papar dust, copper

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From a seed, a plant grows, then it blooms, fertilises, bears fruit, withers, and dies.

We were born, we live, and we die.

Patterns appear on the pieces are imprints of objects that used to be there. The objects once were there, existed and related to the other objects and surroundings in different ways.

After that, the objects were removed. Only imprints remain. The imprints trace and tell about the existence and the relation of the objects and the surroundings as they were before they disappeared.

We focus on our existence.

Worry for the imprints we will leave.

But on what are they imprinted?

Even the piece itself, that now carrying the imprints, is impermanent.

It is made out of dust, ready to disintegrate into fine dust again as well.


Anything and Nothing

brooches, 2016

recycle paper dust, copper, steel

necklaces, 2017

recycle paper dust, hand-dyed cotton rope

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I look at clouds, I see power of the wind.

Wind is invisible and intangible but wind could cool down its surrounding. It exists but not exists simultaneously. It would be nice to live like wind, exist but not exist simultaneously. Not shaken by misfortune, loss, suffering as we do not exist but let our existence nourish others.

Anything and Nothing is a result of an attempt to search for forms or matters that represent the existence and the non existence simultaneously.

The pieces are made of dust that got twisted in between a sheet of cloth. After the twisting, the cloth was then removed. The pieces took shape of the gap in between the twisted cloth. Its texture is an imprint of the cloth on its surface.The cloth is not there anymore but its appearance, the invisible force and action clearly appear on the piece.


Anything and Nothing

pendants, 2016

recycle paper dust, copper, hand-dyed hemp rope

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Surface of the pieces took shape by rain drops that fall and hit the fluffy paper dust. Outline and size of the pieces were planed but they are shaped totally by nature. I guess life is just like that, consists of actions of ours and of the Nature.


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