earrings, 2014

silver 925, copper


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We are not a result of mass production from the same mold or blue print.

Therefore each of us is unique.

We have our own opinions and philosophies.

Some of us may be similar.

Some of us may be influenced by another.

Some may be totally different.

Because we are not a result of mass production,

searching for another one which is identically the same would be a pain.

To complete a pair

I don’t seek for or try to mold one to become a twin of another one.

Each one is independent.

They are unique.

Some of them are similar.

Some are influenced by another.

Some are totally different from the others.

With harmony, two different entities can be together peacefully.


During working on this series of work again in 2016 I found that harmony is not the key but it could be a trap. Searching for harmony is not different from searching for another identical pair.

If being together peacefully is the goal, then with an open mind, simply “being together peacefully”, with or without harmony, is already the key.

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