brooch, 2007 silver 925, copper, silk thread
brooch, 2007 silver 925, cotton thread
Pin, 2007, 18k gold, silk thread
Brooch, 2007 18k gold, silk thread
Absolute, 2007 brooch, aluminium, silver 925, wool thread
earring, 2007 silver 925, cotton thread
necklace, 2007 pendant, silver 925, copper, cotton thread, hand-dyed hemp rope
brooch, 2007 silver 925, cotton thread


This series of work represent some parts of pictures or stories with metal formed pieces, which is the visible part.

A boy with a big smile rest his chin on his hands at a window, look inattentively up to something.

A little girl holds a loop behind her back. Stubbornness shows on her face.

A girl with a bunny doll. Who knows what is she doing with the little bunny?

The stories or the picture would be completed with the imagination of the audience.

It might be the childish inside,

might be the irony surround,

might be things that could be seen only with eyes shut.

With open mind, let them come.

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