Ban Pa-Ao, one of the oldest villages in Ubon Ratchathani, house of the ancient lost wax casting that had been practiced and was handed down from generation to generation. Nowadays this ancient technique is practiced in only few places around the world. Because of changing lifestyle and development of casting technology, demand of their products are greatly decreased.

With the supports from TCDC, Pa-Ao REVIVE project curated by Atelier Rudee invited 5 Thai designers; Tithi Kutchamuch, PANJAPOL KULPAPANGKORN, TUNCHANOK YAVILAS, Saran Yen Panya, and Aor Sutthiprapha, who are talented and well recognized for their skills in applying and reviving the traditional or old and common objects into something fresh and interesting, to visit Pa-Ao village and learn about the ancient casting from the local craftsman, then design the products. We hope that the local craftsman will be able to reproduce these products by themselves for mass production in the future. Therefore it will provide incomes to there family and community in order to preserve this precious crafts work.

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