Craft Fusion

Craft Fusion, exhibition and talk

TCDC, Bangkok

10.22-10.31, 2017

Curated by Atelier Rudee and Blue Dragon Art Company

Craft Fusion is an exhibition and a talk that presents the craft work and the experience of two young indigenous craft artists from Taitung, Lin Yang Ting(Panai) and Lin Yong Ei (Alomei), during their learning and staying at Ban Pa Ao, Thailand. They started their journey of ancient brass casting by learning brass casting craft from Poh TongKum Prathummas, “The Master Craftsmen 2014”, and staying in Ban Pa Ao to becoming part of the local community. Like fusion in metal work, they fuse crafts and cultures from  two places together with design and creation of a completely new type of handicraft.

The exhibition was curated by Atelier Rudee together with Blue Dragon Art Company, Taiwan. It is part of Taitung International Exchange Program on Cultural and Crafts and Design 2017, supported by Taitung County Government.

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